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interesting weekend

friday, we lazed about for a bit, but i quickly got antsy and made us get up and out of the house. i got the last bit of paperwork to the bank for closing next week and i think that’s all i need to do. apparently, mattel ended their relationship with chase bank just in may, so i won’t get money off closing costs :/
friday night, we were home early watching movies. i made a yummy burrito filling of zucchini, yellow squash, and roasted poblano peppers.
saturday started out kind of annoyingly. it was supposed to be matt’s first saturday off, but he had to make bloody mix as soon as we got to mickey’s for breakfast. we were killing time till about 2 when we ran home to let the dogs out and then headed over to judy’s for kate’s going away mud wrestling party. needless to say, i am quite banged up today. my knees are scraped and swollen, and my bottom looks like i got into a fight with a box of nails. but, i had a blast, an as soon as there are pics available, i’ll point you in the right direction.
i am currently sitting in cafe zoma with a smoothie. i needed some natural sugar to make me feel human again.