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i’ve kinda shied away from the lino cut idea, just for now. i think i need to focus on recalling my ability to draw and design. it’s been far too long.
i’ve pulled out an old sketchbook, which contained notes from life drawing, and my portfolio class (from 10 years ago!) and i will resurrect it for the purposes of design inspiration and sketchables.
aand, i’m kinda mad that i only just got a crock pot. i just put chopped onion, a can of diced tomatoes, a bag of crumbles, a can of water, and a bouillon cube into it. 4 minutes of work results in lunch for two days. amazing.
i have been thinking a lot lately about stuff i won’t put on the internets, even in this low-traffic medium; but i realize that i cannot expect any one to be my muse. except for me, of course.
also, i will complete and hand in braille lesson 7 today. i think.