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this is not exactly oscar-worthy, but i managed to get on a madison metro bus, tell the driver i was a first-timer, and get off before the bus went farther than i wanted it to.

it was kinda weird being not in charge of getting somewhere. i didn’t mind zoning out on the ride until i realized that i needed to figure out how to get off the bus. i know you can pull the cord thing, but i (wait for it) didn’t want to annoy the bus driver with my request to stop if he was already stopping to let someone on.

i got off two stops before the app suggested, but it was nice to walk down one of the capitol blocks and get some air before sitting in the library for 2+ hours.

tonight was the second wordpress meetup of 2018 and it went really well. the topic brought out a lot of new faces and many of the same folks who’ve been around for a while. also! the organizer of the meetup group that i offered to take over last year was there and said, “go for it.” so, i have to see if i can get someone at automattic to approve the member merge. we’re nearing 300, and i don’t know what the overlap is, but it could double the size of the group *scared face*.