Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

housey stuff

much to my sweety’s chagrin, we spent a lot of saturday … cleaning. we started with a short and sweet breakfast across the street. matt commenced with clearing out the day spa to make room for chicken stuff; i think it might soon become the “chicken spa” while i cleaned out the closet of random nails, tools, and lots of dog hair. i also cleared out a shelf in the basement to make room for our new power tools. i think, once project basement-cleanup and project soft-goods-room get accomplished, we will have room for a workbench and project hard-goods*.
after i felt comfortable with the status of our various tool assortments (we have six measuring tapes), i started in on installing a bracketless shelf (i hate lathe and plaster). i needed matt’s help because i got frustrated.
then, i managed to put together some more calzones. i think i need to use less flour when i roll out the dough. mine don’t look that pretty.
sunday was matt’s 28th. he had to work, but made a good time of it.
i took the day off yesterday, cuz i knew we’d want to sleep in… we had breakfast at the cupcakery and went to the avengers. after killing some time at mickey’s, we had dinner at takara.
my next vacation is the first week of july. i’m already looking forward to it.
* project hard-goods: we’d like to cast metal rings at some point down the road… and the basement seems a good place to weld and bang.