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we’ve broken two temperature records in the last couple weeks… thankfully, the chickens survived. so, too, have the tomato plants; they’re enormous and have tons of green tomatoes and flowers. some furry jerk ate the first ripened tomato, so the chickens got to dine on the rest of it.
we’re waiting on an order of 1000 mealworms from speedy worm cuz the 200 we bought (for $10) aren’t reproducing as quickly as we’d (or the the chickens!) like.
i’m feeling the need for a deep clean of the house. it’s been a while since the kitchen has been (mostly) spotless, and i feel like it’s time to purge stuff, or at least relocate things that aren’t being used frequently.
i’m finally a little slow at work. it’s been since march that i’ve had so little to do that i can actually research and read up on web related technologies.
also, i’ve been upgraded (downgraded?) to every-three-week visits with the chiro, instead of every two. i think my standing desk at work is helping a lot.