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over a year ago, i said i was going to teach myself entrelac. i had just gotten this book in the mail and was all excited to start. well, i hadn’t realized that you need 5 sets of dpns (i exaggerate) for each project… and i didn’t want to add to my already overgrown needle collection.
fast forward to now. i found a hat pattern that i have the needles for… there’s also this one. my yarn is a little less than worsted, so i’ll probably go with the first pattern.
i’ve also been wanting to mix up my lunches … salads-in-jars only entertains me for a couple weeks at a time. so i found these sweet and sour spicy strips to try, and i also want to make sushi again; it’s been a while.
all that said, we have absolutely nothing planned this weekend. maybe that’s an excuse to make a little more progress on the soft goods room .