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i don’t have any excuses, but i’ll make some up!

work has been *busy*. i’m on-call every three weeks and that’s been kind of a pain, but the company finally decided on an incentive that i like (we get to bank hours for each week). so, i hate it a little less now.

home has been pretty busy, some painting, a lot of cooking, a lot of cleaning and organizing. some searching for a very specific piece of furniture to go on the wall that you see when you first come into the house.

the food blog is going alright. i’ve been telling friends that it’s a good thing i don’t have an agent telling me to write five recipes a week, cuz that ain’t happening. we’ve also gotten sort of on repeat this summer since it’s no fun to stand in the kitchen with the oven and stove on full blare. we’ve been putting the new grill to work, though. lots of chicken and turkey burgers and grilled veggies.

we went to brigham county park last weekend for a two-night camping excursion and it was perfect. the weather was just right and there were no bugs. i spend a couple of hours sitting and re-reading cunt, a book that i first read 9 years ago when matt lent it to me. it’s still good but makes me regret being on hormonal birth control just a little.

so, that’s a little update for ya. i’ve been toying, in my brain, with the idea of moving the content of this blog into a subdirectory and putting a portfolio of sorts in the main area. as i move along in my career, maybe “” isn’t a good place for the personal stuff anymore.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we’ll see.