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stoughton road and commercial ave seems to be the spot where some of madison’s homeless hold their signs, looking very forlorn and cold. last week, a girl with star tattoos on her cheeks and only a hoody and jeans was there. i couldn’t read her sign cuz i was driving toward the dog park. i had planned on giving her the only five in my wallet and my headwarmer but she was gone by the time we were on our way back home.
today, there was a sad looking man with a sign expressing his desire to get home for the holidays. and a jesus fish. i think they always add “god bless” in order to appeal to people’s catholic guilt.
anyway… i gave him a 10 and said, “good luck”. as i drove away, i thought, “i don’t care if he spends it on alcohol because at least that’ll give him a warm night’s sleep, even if it’s just in his head.”
hopefully he spends it on a bus ticket instead.