Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


need to start photographic evidence of plants with date stamps.
we had a really nice, long weekend…. thursday, we went to the lazy oaf for lunch. my catfish sandwich was obviously frozen and thawed, not sure what i expected; matt got the wrong blue cheese burger. the bloody’s were ok, tho a little strong on the pepper.
we then spent an hour at the dmv so matt could become a bonafide madisonian (after how many years here?). so, now he can vote.
on friday, we went to the cupcakery for lunch and then to see x-men: first class. it was a pretty good flick. afterwards, we went to the tornado room for matt’s bday dinner. an old friend is the host there and he bought our first round of drinks. my sockeye salmon was really yummy, it came with a sauce of sweet potato and apple puree. i think i might try to replicate that.
matt made quick use of shiny things to pull apart and devour his crab legs.
we headed to mickey’s to say hi to some friends and then to the inferno for girls’ night out + matt. the djs i wanted to see (gene ferris and delta9) hadn’t even gone on stage at midnight, so we came home.
saturday morning was slept away and we had “breakfast” at mickey’s. we took a break for grocery shopping and then went back to wait for no one (ok, very few) to show up for kickball.
we called it an early night and grabbed some orange roughy from jenifer st to do up on the grill; i also made the best mashed potatoes ever in the universe.
sunday, matt had to go back to work… so i slept in a little and met mom and geo around 11 for some noms.
today, i go back to work after almost 10 days off (lots of holiday/sick/vacation time in the last week). i’ve decided to stop caffeine all together… just for a little bit. i only drink it at work, so it shouldn’t be too hard. we’ll see if i doze off in my chair this afternoon.