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Okay, most of the time I am able to maintain some sort of pride throughout the day. However, when people with whom I’ve sustained a 4-year or more scholarly relationship with show up at a place which with I feel comfort, all of that goes to sh*t. Two fellow 1995 (yoo rah-rah) graduates arrived at Mickey’s. And instead of my (very good) pretend-i-don’t-know-ya face, I tap her on the shoulder. WAIT! Why did I do this? I don’t know. I didn’t really want to talk to her. This calls for the classic “WTF!?”. I wasn’t /friends/ with her, I never /shared/ anything with her. The most I did was relieve her obligations with my classroom tomfoolery. Tim will be happy to note that she mentioned him. And goddammit, now I have the hiccups. This will last for at least an hour.