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and it’s only wednesday afternoon.

monday was the vet, tuesday was my pantry board meeting, tonight is the wordpress meetup. matt can’t get to the house to let the dogs out this afternoon, so i either have to bike home and then back to work (essentially) or take the bus downtown and back (or hope that someone will be nice and offer a ride).

i’ve been hanging out at wilson’s a more lately. it was my safe space when i split up with kurt and didn’t want to see him at mickey’s, so i’m using it for that again. it’s been nice to catch up with justin and brian, and their drinks are cheaper than both mickey’s and the ohio.

merle’s hindquarters are looking a lot better today. i skipped the topical medicine this morning cuz that encourages her to clean it but will put some on tonight after the antibiotic and pain medications are administered.

i haven’t filled up the rest of the week with distraction very well, but might be making a costco run with a friend on saturday. apparently, there are some rice crackers that are to die for.