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hay guise.

the new ipod looks really cool.
anyway, i think i’m trying to make it a personal goal to not order out. i know, it’s pretty silly and dumb to be like, “hey! i haven’t ordered delivery in five days! look at me!” but it’s an accomplishment, ferreal.
i was going to use the rice cooker for the first time tonight, but white rice takes 45-55 minutes, and i was hungry “now”, so i made a tofurky-cheese-tomato-avocado toasted sandwich.
not before taking the dogs on a mosquito-infested walk. omg you guys. there were, quite literally, 30 of them hovering around jones the whole time. it was terrible! and then i caught a slug and it got between my foot and shoe and was squishing around. poor guy…
the pups are doing well.. by monday, i was kinda tired of hanging out with them, but the last two days have been okay. i think jones has figured out that nora is staying with us, and not just getting dog-sat for a little while.
i keep trying to give him the attention he had before, but it really wasn’t that much; he’s not a very cuddly guy, but nora is totally a cuddler and it seems to make jones think like he should be getting the same attention.
we just went for a quick run in the park (two-dog bonus), and they tired each other out within 10 minutes and are now quite content to lay on the diningroom rug. together.