Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

happy unofficial summer

our memorial day soirée was a success! lots of food eaten, marshmallows roasted, dog begging, and laugh sharing.
except there’s one thing that’s been bugging me. our yard is adjacent to a shared yard of about five houses on fair oaks, and we’ve not had a (complete) fence separating the two since last year (it’s the responsibility of the closest adjacent neighbor). so, some kids took advantage of the usually unused greenspace to toss a ball around. after some time, a woman who lives five houses away (with whom i’ve had a pretty good rapport) announced that she was feeling violated and would they stop playing in her yard.
of course, i thought it was a reasonable request and attempted to apologize at the time, but she was no longer outside when i heard the news. so, we just kept everyone inside the invisible fence line.
i ran into her yesterday while walking the dogs and said “sorry about the kids playing on saturday.” she responded with, “i was about to ask them for their addresses so i could hang out in their yards!”, to which i came up with nothing; i couldn’t even formulate a fake laugh. i finally said we’d keep them reigned in next time and sorry again.
i wanted to tell her that most of those kids have barely a quarter of the size of the shared yard that no one uses except five four-legged poop machines, and i wanted to ask her if it’s such a terrible thing that some kids were playing one time in a yard that she doesn’t even maintain?
it kinda makes me sad cuz we’ve talked on dog excursions and now i feel like she’s a mean, selfish person. whotf would threaten to ask a four-year-old her address so they could “hang out in your yard”? kinda creepy.
i hope my feelings go away.