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I’m 25. I’ve been getting my haircut at the same place for over 7 years. Except for the brief 6 months after shaving my head. My most recent stylist was out of commission for a while due to a required surgery of the collarbone. So, I ended up getting cut and styled by my cousin’s cousin. She’s a sweety, really, but I like total strangers wacking my hair. I called Cha Cha yesterday and got an appointment. Their interior is faboo. They even have a shampoo and rinse manufactured for them! Wow. Anyhow, Jason cut my hair today. He was really nice. I actually felt comfortable having a conversation about nothing important. The best part of the whole deal is that he gave me a great cut. I’ve had the same cut for almost 2 years and have attempted to change it with little luck. Jason helped me reach this goal today. On another note.. I don’t like Amy’s Organic frozen foods, so why do I keep buying them? Aside from knowing that I’ll feel lazy and hungry at the same time at least once a month, there is no excuse. It’s a damn good thing we stock-pile Sriracha.