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*hack* *cough*

i barely slept on thursday night, resulting in a cranky me by the time i got home. i was on edge with everyone. matt’s lucky he was away making bloody mix. the afternoon was lazy, except i sufficiently fried the hard drive in my tower (more on that later) and i ended up going to bed before (or around) 10. i then slept until 11:15 on saturday morning, and couldn’t bring myself to remain upright long enough to drive to the moen family christmas in prairie du chein…
we didn’t do much on saturday, except grocery shop and move the rolltop desk into the study. i was dubious that we’d clear the door frames, but after removing a couple of pieces of fascia, it just barely made it. that night, i managed to stay up until 1.
sunday was sleepy, but it was nice out, so i had to force myself to get up. i had the use of both nostrils, so i made it to the tavern for a late brunch; and then home to knit.
up again for another short week!