Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

habitually routine

i have a weird relationship with food, which we may or may not discuss later. part of the issue is that when my blood sugar is low, i can get extremely agitated and irritate those around me:
as a result, i have a food schedule during the work day. so as soon as my morning coffee is finished
i eat my 9:30 yogurt with my reusable spoon which allows me to think i’m saving the world by not using a plastic one.
then around 10, i have a banana cuz i’ve convinced myself that it defends me against mosquitoes (a myth!) and the potassium helps muscle aches.
after that, at about 10:30, i have a bag of baby carrots for improved optical performance (and they’re tasty and good for you anyway).
at 11:30, i hop on over to subway where i barely have to say anything about the meal (but i am cordial and ask the workers how they are) and they make my veggie sub on wheat with pepperjack, toasted. everything except green peppers and jalapenos.
then the afternoon serves up a granola bar and an apple.
when all of these things happen at the appropriate times, it results in a pleased bekee.