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i’ve been making my work lunches pretty regularly for a little over two years now, save for unplanned outings with the coworkers here and there… now if i could just stop ordering out for dinner.
i’m a pretty good cook… i’m just not interested, lately, in flitting about the kitchen after i get home. i need to do something about it, tho. because last night, in a fit of ocd, i purged the fridge of everything that wasn’t pickled, fermented, or water-based.
it was a lot.
i felt badly.
i still have csa veggies to use (zucchini, eggplant, fennel, cabbage), plus cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash from the garden. my problem is that i make enough for eighteen people and matt doesn’t like any of it; so it sits in the fridge until it grows a nice coat of fur and i have to toss it.