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good work!

we’ve been doing really well at having dinner at home over the last week. friday through sunday evenings and last night were spent in the kitchen making yummy foods. it’s nice to be with someone who enjoys chopping and stirring.
while matt cut up onions and garlic for some homemade pasta sauce, i used upa couple parsnips and sweet potatoes that we got last weekend from our csa. they went into the slow cooker also with some sautéed garlic and onions. i added a yukon gold at the last minute because i thought the soup would be very sweet without it.
we ran out of peppercorns in the grinder that george turned for us, and i’m almost out of third ward. their third ward italian seasoning goes in just about everything i make, and they only sell it at the tiny little shop in wauwautosa (right, mom? google map shows it in the middle of the highway)… so a road trip might be in order soon.
now i just need to find a shelf that will hold my full and empty bottles of kombucha, and all of my cook books.