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a million years ago, i used to gather gals together for girls’ night out plus aaron plus matt. eventually, spoil ended and the inferno closed and got torn down. a metaphor perhaps?

well, my long time raver buddy brett is throwing down old school tonight at connections on e. wash, and i’m excited to be able to be part of it.

some of the girls are coming out, too. it should be packed with some of my long-time friends from parties of yore. i’m sure discussion of furthur will come up. i didn’t hop on the bus when tickets went on sale last sunday. i’m not sure if i want to go this year. without someone to watch the dogs at home, it adds complexity. and i kinda want to remember last year as a great time that it was.

oh, right, i forgot why this post was important. i’m going to need to find time to nap before going out, especially since i woke up at 5am.