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so we totally blew off planning the menu… and i realized on monday when i left the house that it’s in a mildly embarrassing state of cleanliness. i should have been more selfless on sunday, but i was feeling lazy.
so, we need. to. plan. the. menu.
we were also talking about driving to the badlands the following weekend to camp, but it seems like a hasty decision since i haven’t camped in about 5 years, i’ve never taken my car more than 4 hours away, and it’s the weekend after the party so we’ll probably want to relax.
it’s also matt’s bday in june *shh*. i haven’t come across anything worthy of his ownership since his birthday … wow, was that three years ago? i gave him my chain wallet that i’d had since i was 16. i bought it at the cat’s meow and it saved me from ever locking my keys in my car. also, i never got my wallet stolen at any raves.