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full up day

i filled yesterday day with being out and about, so i might need to adult today, but we’ll see.

post-brunch at the tipsy cow, i took a stroll around the square at the farmer’s market; it wistfully reminded me of one of the first weekends i started staying at matt’s while kurt was collecting his things and moving out. there weren’t so many people because it was barely above 40° but really nice in the sun. as i rounded the last block, a guy at a stand pointed at me and said, “you like orange.” points for astute observation, bub.

after a short trip to the grocery store, i was torn between starting a fire to clean up the brush in the yard and going back out into the world. my desire to be among humans won and i found myself at wilson’s doing crossword puzzles in the din.

i went back home to make tiny tacos as my friend john tried to convince me to go to karaoke at the ohio, but i was already turning into a pumpkin by then.