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full day

i managed to pack it in yesterday. i woke up stupidly early but was eventually able to fall back to sleep from 6-8 and then got up, walked dogs, finished my bujo spread for next week*, biked the broken table legs (from the last night the cats were here) to the furniture guy on atwood who, upon seeing the pieces, practically couldn’t pick his jaw up off the floor. so that was a frustrating beginning.

i then went to revolution cuz my winter wheels needed a wider birth for my brakes and i can’t seem to understand how those work so i needed an adjustment after swapping out my other wheels. thankfully, it took four minutes and they didn’t even charge me.

then i stopped into degoba to see matt. we hugged for a long while and i didn’t want to start crying cuz i had mascara on. i came home and got myself ready for the grocery store. it was a big shop cuz i needed to replenish my lentil supply and get a pourover coffee thing cuz i’ve been drinking one starbucks instant in the morning, and that’s silly expensive. i think it comes out to $0.78 a cup, which is too much for coffee at home.

while there, i heard back from some friends (old mickey’s regulars) who were in town for the week for a funeral; they were at the watering hole for brunch, so i biked back over there and we visited for a little while, i ate breakfast, and came back home.

i had forgotten that i, both had a package scheduled to arrive and, had made a sign for the front door.

when i pulled up to the back, there were three huge boxes from ikea! so i got to spend the next couple of hours putting together a table and hanging a mirror. halfway through mentally preparing for the mirror, i couldn’t find the level but decided to persist. turns out, i didn’t need it.

i also dropped a drill bit down the cold-air return, so that got cleaned out. i won’t tell you what else i found down there.

i sat on the couch to start knitting for the evening but had a recollection that mom and george hadn’t suggested sushi dinner lately, so we coordinated a time and i called the restaurant. the host didn’t sound too promising for us, but he took my name anyway. we arrived a little bit early and were surprised by an evening in the quiet, shoeless room off the front bar. it was so nice! mom says we’re spoiled for next time.

*i’ve been slowly modding my spread and this week, removed the hamburgers that i was using to track main meals since i’m also tracking other snacks as well now. it was getting too cluttered. i added a few drop shadows around some elements cuz i think it looks nice.

i also have too many meetings on monday and i don’t know how i’m going to get any real work done. O.o