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the long weekend went waay too fast. wednesday night was spent watching handsome daddy paxem at the crystal for a little bit (it got loud and crowded, so i had to skidattle prematurely). then i woke up thursday and knitted for a bit and commenced to make mushroom pesto lasagne (which i’ll be having for lunch for the next week). friday was almost a normal routine. we went to la hacienda, as per usual, and then to best buy for the vacuum experience, and off to grocery shop. saturday was pretty regular. i just knitted and watched tv, then down to the tavern for some pool with kurt. sunday, we met mom and george at the Nauti Gal for brunch. it was pretty good once again! i love the make-your-own omelette bar. then kurt’s mom came up and watched fahrenheit 9/11. omg, depressing. now i’m listening to wish you were here, to drown out the workdin.