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final countdown

i’m not sure if my not being really very stressed about the party this weekend is because i’ve been doing it for so long? or because i’ve been doing it for so long.
there’s a subtle difference.
on the one hand, i feel like i’ve got it down, and i have a good helper, and jones doesn’t really bark that much anymore when people arrive.
on the other hand, what if i tire of it and that’s why? i don’t really think that’s the case, but it occurred to me for a blip of a second on the way home from brunch yesterday.
something that also occurred to me today is that i think i would really enjoy being a personal chef. as long as the person/family didn’t want steak and hamburgers all the time.
anyhoo, we just have a little more cleaning to do (namely the toilet) and the grocery list to make and shop for, and the foods!