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it’s settling in again… it’s been a while, so i guess that’s ok. i’m feeling pretty unfulfilled at work. i feel like we all (the three of us that share a job title) just move content from excel spreadsheets and word docs into html files; it’s mind-numbing and disappointing.
this morning, i woke up thinking about all the different types of projects we work on and the 800 interfaces we have to deal with to get any one of them completed… and how no one else really understands the tedious complexity any one little thing ends up turning into.
ok, i’m done with that.
on a better note, tomorrow marks my first annual divorced anniversary. technically, it wasn’t final-final until i filed the last bunch of papers, but it was the day i faced a judge in the courtroom by myself… matt came with me, and for some reason, i wanted him to stay in the hall and wait. i kinda regret that decision now, but i think i was embarrassed and didn’t want him to see me being granted the freedom that i had waited 6 months (plus a lot more) for.
in any event, we’ll be celebrating with some sushi tomorrow, hopefully.