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easy night

i left work early because the dogs hated me on tuesday for leaving them so long. we hung out in the park with neighbor david and his yellow lab, emma for about 45 minutes with the chuck-it.
then, i grabbed my bike and proceeded to tool around, but noticed my back tire was almost flat… so i biked it over to revolution and it was determined that i needed a new one. :/ so i waited a short 15-20 minutes while he installed it, and $42 later, i am the proud owner of a shiny new rear tire.
i hung out with some friends at mickey’s and came home around 7 with the goal to not eat out because i had moved a bag of shrimp from the freezer to the fridge. i was successful in my endeavors:
i also finished alice in wonderland; helena was starting to annoy me by the end but it was entertaining.