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Being escorted to work by a great friend for the last three days has made this week just fly by! I mean, it’s already Thursday fer chrissakes. And to top it all off, I actually woke up before the alarm, though slightly less-than-chipper. I can’t wait until this week is over. :) Before being part of the daytime work crowd, I always wondered why people were so damn interested in the weekend. Most of my jobs have been Tue-Sun, or Weds-Mon, I’ve always had to work on the weekend and never had the affection that I do now for my days off. Maybe it’s cuz I know I’ll be doing it for a while and it’s a bigger deal than a gets-me-through-college job. Maybe it’s cuz I don’t work 2-11 and can’t sleep in. Maybe I just really like waking up at my leisure, sipping coffee while reading the morning news online; maybe that’s why it seems that everyone else at work is slow to start and though they get to work at 8, they don’t actually /get to work/ til 9. Wish me luck driving with my new clutch.