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what’s up? i haven’t rapped at you in a while. i haven’t had a whole lot to say.
i did just review bab’s restaurant.
my tower is still in the shop. they forgot to check the power supply (which i told them to do) so they burned two boards before someone thought of the bright idea. so it’ll be there for at least two more days.
kurt and i are heading to dubuque today. it’s his birthday (39!) and it appears this is becoming tradition. we went last year. this will be our first time away from jones. he’s staying next door with joe and tooky. so i’m kinda sad and nervous about it, but i know it’ll be fine. too bad we can’t set up video chat real quick. :)
i am certainly looking forward to the hot tub. we stayed at the julien inn last year but opted for the holiday inn this year… it’ll be about $20 cheaper. we were gunna bring jones, cuz they allow dogs; but didn’t want him barking in the hotel room while we were away.
i’m glad i decided to make the big step and purchase this laptop. we’re going to bring it with so we can watch a movie or two; at least i’ll have something to do when i wake up at 8 tomorrow while kurt’s sleeps til 11. they don’t have complimentary internet access in the rooms though.. they only have one wired hookup in the lobby (or something; according to the website).
oh, i need to apologize to the knitting bloggers ring checkers. i haven’t picked up my needles in over three months. and i haven’t blogged about knitting in an even longer time. i might even take that dang blanket with to work on this weekend. it’s like writer’s block, i swear.
well, it’s time to start packing and getting ready to go…