Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

don’t mean to lack

i just haven’t had anything significant enough to pen publicly. aside from becoming very lazy in my don’t-eat-out endeavors… i do, however, think i’m ready to set a serious budget. now that my finances are pretty much as regular and stable as they’re going to be (getting divorced isn’t the cheapest life activity…) and now i can focus on rebuilding my safety net and maybe even starting a fun-fund for vacation or toys.
the annual lutefisk dinner went off without a hitch. matt came with and tried it for the first time with much success! we, then, hung out at the local bar playing cribbage until a wedding party showed up that sorta scared us out.
sunday found me at urgent care with a bladder infection… it was entirely my fault for not going earlier. i tend to try to wish things away for a day before giving in to my defenses. so, i’m on antibiotics for a week…
back to work today, but happy that i have friday off to look forward to. it’s kinda nice to use up vacation time on fridays because they only count as 5 hours, so it ends up being more days off.