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sorry! i haven’t had much motivation to opine about nothing lately; so i keep it to myself.
last weekend, kurt and i upgraded our cellular phones. i got a silver motorola razr. i always thought a cameraphone was a waste, but i’ve been witness to at least two occasions around which a camera was useful. that’s not bad for a week. the reception is okay; in our house, we have to stand in the front room which is no different from our other phones. my favoritist feature is the bluetooth headset with which i can voice-dial. i even tried it while riding my bike last night. fun stuff.
we’re dogsitting sam this week. after having bella for a week at the beginning of the month, i have a great walking system down since she and sam are good off-leash walkers. at least when there are no squirrelcatbunnies around.
ok; i’m pretty busy this week at work. i might even need to eat lunch al desko today! it’s been a while since that was necessary.