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there was one year in which i had six or seven w2’s to account to the irs. i think this was the year in which i had a job at a cleaning company; vaccuuming and dusting one of those big buildings on e. wilson. i was 16 or 17, driving george’s mom’s old dodge diplomat (the sheer size of that thing saved my life, but that’s another bloggy). so, it was either during the interview, or directly on the application, that i stated i would be taking april 19th off, if our relationship happened to include that particular date. i don’t remember if anyone acknowledged the statement, or if they thought i was kidding, but april rolled around and i asked to have april 19th off and they said no. so i quit.
that’s not something that an almost-29-year-old should do having been at the same job for almost 5 years.. but, as luck would have it, easter is the sunday before my birthday, and we get a generous amount of company holidays, so i will be far from work for SIX days, the last of which will be my date of birth.