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after the lunch last thursday made me feel so badly, i decided it was probably about time for another elimination.

i used a little bit of the last two menus from goop and added in some meals from gwenyth’s “it’s all good” cookbook.

i also made a granola bar from angela liddon’s “oh she glows every day”, just to replace the apparent daily latte i started getting from porter; it has a tiny bit of caffeine.

i also decided not to eliminate my daily kombucha. i really do feel like it has a positive effect on my digestion, and that’s important with this food plan.

so, day one was supposed to be egg drop soup for breakfast, but i misunderstood how slowly the bone broth would defrost. i had also planned for turkey chili and niçoise salad for lunch/dinner the first two days, but one of the jars of salad slipped and hit the fridge and busted. some choice words followed and matt, thankfully, cleaned it up because i was trying to figure out how to salvage the hard boiled egg that i was convinced did not have shards of glass.

after a little shuffling, i had the turkey chili for lunch and we shared pressure cooked chicken legs and black rice for dinner.

i started getting a headache around 4p but i think it was because of the low pressure.