Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

death and taxes

they’re the only things you can count on.
thankfully, i have filed my taxes and am getting as hefty of a refund as i expected; thanks to property taxes and primary mortgage insurance!
money and debt have been a stressor for me since… well, since i starting being in debt.
i recall taking out a personal loan in order to build an awesome computer (for school). then, after graduation, student loans started up, and i’m pretty sure i had a credit card by that time. there was the switch from my geo metro (i miss manual transmission sometimes) to a bonafide used car, complete with a car payment! add another credit card and a mortgage and just as soon as that used car was payed off, it was totaled and i had to get another one.
all of this is to say that i enjoy tax time, because i get a chunk of money to save and decrease debt; i don’t seem to be able to do much of that throughout the year.
with my tax return, and hopefully a bonus in march, i should be able to pay off a credit card and my car, affording me the opportunity to upgrade the dsl at home.
secondarily, it always feels really good to get bills out of my inbox after i pay them. i just took care of four monthly payments and feel relieved.
and, it’s friday, so that helps, too.