Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

days gone by

things have been mildly stagnant… i think it’s the fall air. i can barely get up for work because my body wants daylight saving time to have started a month ago. and i have lots of ideas running around in my brain of things to start working on and projects to plan for but can’t work up the gumption or don’t have the money for supplies. because whenever i think of a new craft to produce, i always feel like i have to run out and buy every last tool required.
i have, however, begun week three of not buying lunch. i made crock pot goulash last night for this week. it’s kinda nice not having to bother but once a week (especially using a crock pot).
matt and i have also gotten pretty disciplined in dinner-making, as opposed to eating out. we’ve had catfish tacos, pan-friend tilapia, and tuna steaks in the last week. i wonder if we’ll turn into fish. i also wonder if we shouldn’t worry about mercury poisoning? i fear if i google the symptoms, i’ll convince myself that i’ve contracted lupus or something.
maybe this week i’ll pull out my stash of dmc floss and make some bracelets; it’s been a while.