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daylight saving

i wonder when we’ll get rid of this silliness all together.
i’m not looking forward to next monday; i can barely get up by my third snooze alarm at 7:12 these days. in a week, that will be 8:12, which will make me very late for work.
this week, we made another pizza. i convinced matt to try sauerkraut as a topping. i didn’t put a whole lot on, so the flavor was masked by the yummy sauce.
on monday, i stayed home because i was cranky, and i’ve been trying to knit *something* with this leftover cascade 220 yarn, but nothing is coming out of it. so i started some leg warmers… who knows if i’ll wear them or give them away.
but muppetooni (i keep changing his nickname) wanted to be pet while on my lap, so i made him pose.
in other cat news, alex’s eyes are doing something funny. i cleaned his ears on monday night because they were giving him grief and then on tuesday, his eyes were red and his third eyelid wouldn’t go down… so we’ve been using human eye drops and it seems to help, but it’s not getting better. we have an appointment with the vet tomorrow, so we’ll see what’s what.
he isn’t bothered at all by it, and still purrs at everything. he and burnie were highly entertained by the finches outside: