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day 8

“three things you want to say to different people”
are these things i want to say but can’t? cuz that seems unlikely. unless, of course, the person is famous, fictional, or i otherwise don’t know them personally; in which case, i don’t know that anything i have to say would be of import to either of us.
that said:
there’s a lady that i see most mornings who drives a black monte carlo with orange racing stripes and a big number 3 on either side… i wouldn’t mind telling her that she looks like my 5th grade teacher and she should quit smoking.
i was chatting with a friend last night at the tavern and a guy at the other end of the bar bought both of us a drink; i’d like to ask him why… i’m reasonably wary of unsolicited beverages.
i’d like to ask my 33 year old dad for some words of wisdom.