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day 30

“anything you want to post about”
we have some great plans for the back yard, including more raised bed gardens, a rock/gravel patio sort of area for the fire pit, and something i’m becoming more and more excited about, a chicken coop!
my goal has always been to get rid of grass-lawn and the addition of these things will take care of almost half.
also, we’re having a very nice friend come over to see if he can pull the cemented-in, iron clotheslines out with his bobcat. we already have someone else who’ll haul ’em away, too.
i’ve never really been a fan of line-dried clothes… they usually come out stiff, especially towels. i’ve heard that drying on the line saves 3ยข per load over machine drying, so i don’t feel too bad about losing the two eyesores.
additionally, we’re reducing the number of places for hornets to nest.