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day 3

“your day, in great detail”
i woke up at 6:36, dreading the sound of my alarm… i had remembered to prep the coffeemaker, so i took advantage of my snooze button. after i’d had enough of that, i got up and dressed, power-cuddled with matt, and went downstairs to get my daily snacks together.
i’d run out of carrots, so the dogs were confused (normally, they get a baby carrot every morning). i uncovered the birds and said hi, and put on my shoes and coat. i headed out, thanking myself for filling up the tank the previous evening since i was running right on time and wouldn’t have wanted to stop.
i took my usual route, up 30 to packers to northport to m to k to 12 to 14… nothing unusual. i got to work and quickly ate my yogurt and banana since we were all bussed over to the middleton performing arts center to hear about our great performance last year.
we got back to the office around 10:45 and i worked on a website update for a little bit before getting lunch. i didn’t really feel like subway, but couldn’t think of anything better/easier/cheaper to get, so i drove over there anyway.
after lunch, i plugged in my noise-canceling earbuds and got to work on a different website update… the afternoon passed slowly and i was unreasonably excited to get home. the drive was faster than normal, i got behind a few slow-pokes, but was able to leave them in the dust right before turning onto hwy m.
i got home and said hi to matt and the dogs… we donned our coats and took them for a walk. we decided to get some drinks and dinner at wilson’s, so we prepped for a bike ride and got ourselves bellied up to the bar. jessie and maggie were working (they always work thursdays); once hunger struck, we ordered our custom burritos and proceeded to fill up.
once we’d had enough, and it was time for matt to go to work, we parted ways and i came home. i tried catching up on dead like me, but wasn’t feeling it… so i grabbed the ipad, downloaded the adult swim app and started frisky dingo before passing out.