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day 23

“a letter to someone. anyone.”
how about a letter to my 18 year old self…

dear you,
go ahead and take out that loan for a decent car, it’ll help build your good credit. but you should start paying off your student loans before you graduate, even though it seems impossible; the next 20 years of consolidating them and paying more interest than you can imagine will be kind of annoying.
try not to be so hard on yourself but push to do something great. you never know, you could come up with the iphone and be a bazillionaire by 40. you may have an opportunity to become certified in braille a couple times, try to get it right the first time cuz it will make you feel bad about not finishing later on. twice.
don’t stop making good design when you find yourself in an environment that doesn’t really foster creativity… you might find a lucrative use for it in your recreational activities later on.
also, your aunt once told you that high school contained the best years in life and you should enjoy them; you will think for a long time that it was the silliest thing you’ve ever heard anyone say, but eventually you’ll realize she was referring to the absence of responsibility (*real* responsibility), the carefree nature of being a teenager, and not really having to worry about money or problems… there will be plenty of that later.
lastly, don’t settle. you’re worth more than you think, and eventually someone will show up to appreciate and love you with everything they have; just be patient.