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day three

i’m in the pattern now; let dogs out, zap water, fill dog bowls, let dogs in, pour water, set the timer for three minutes, put shoes on, find watch/bracelet/ring, pour tea into the mug, rinse seeds from this awesome little teapot that i bought two years ago, enjoy tea while standing in kitchen. it forces me to be mindful of the day and warms my insides for the cooler weather and bike ride.

since i’ve been measuring the powders for the smoothies at night, all i need to do is add the almond butter, coconut oil, and almond milk and “blitz” (as goop likes to call it) with the immersion blender. two ice cubes and the smoothie go into my thermos and i can keep on with getting ready.

around 11:45 yesterday, i crashed. i could almost barely keep my eyes open. i figured there was a blood sugar issue, so i ate lunch even though i wasn’t specifically hungry.  yesterday’s lunch was the leftover chickpea curry, which was even better after sitting in the fridge.

i got back to my desk and had to put it down into sitting. i think i’ve done that four times in the two years i’ve had the standing desk. i probably could have laid my head down and napped, but that’s weird. i’m not in high school history class!

i got a whiff of the apple that had been sitting on my desk since last friday and decided that, even though it wasn’t in the meal schedule, it was necessary. after about 15 minutes, i was wide awake. clearly, there is a blood sugar thing going on.

around 4, i decided to try the crudité and dressing from tuesday’s salad and had a few bites, but was filled quickly.

i got home and made thursday’s lunch: romaine salad with carrots, onions, and soba noodles, a fancy miso dressing, and a chicken paillard with third ward seasoning.

*then* i made the last two salmon burgers with the asian salad from monday and enjoyed a couple episodes of chopped with the dogs in the living room before bed.

one thing i will say is that it is a lot of work doing this type of diet. lots of planning, forethought, and work. after lunch on thursday, my next three meals are soup and then i’ll wean myself back out of the reduced food groups. it’ll be interesting to see if anything affects me, good or bad.

i will also say that, even though i enjoy the company of my friends at the bar and the “cool-down” time after work, it’s been pretty nice to refrain from booze and spend my time cooking, even though my feet hurt.