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day four

there’s a very soy saucy/ginger/asian theme to most of the dishes; at least the ones i tried from days 1-5. today’s lunch was so-so. i’ve come to realize that i don’t really care for chicken breast that’s grilled one night, chilled, and served over a salad the next day. it just doesn’t taste good. or maybe it’s that it’s free range organic and that makes it not kfc, or that it’s not on the bone*? idk.

dinner is the detox hot & sour soup. it’s not very sour, but it has a little bite. i was planning on taking it for lunch tomorrow but i’m worried about it leaving me a little hungry. except, i was noting to myself on the way home today that i never felt any hunger pangs. each meal/snack was spaced out enough. i suppose it didn’t hurt that i didn’t get to dinner until 8 or 830, which is a little later than i normally like to eat before bed.

tomorrow is the last day! clearly, i could keep going, but i don’t think i could maintain this pace forever… not without a personal planner/chef/shopper. i’m not craving burrito drive (yet), but i’m looking forward to the evening when i can just come home and relax.

*i’d kinda like to try some bone-in slow-cooker recipes