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day five, part one

last night’s dinner didn’t sit very well, even though it was pretty basic. either my body got used to the types of foods or my body is done trying to get used to them. in any event, i went to bed without an idea for day five’s lunch (i was going to have dinner leftovers, but didn’t want a repeat). this is where most adjusted food intake plans go awry.

so, i packed up some of the leftover cashew dressing, carrots, and cauliflower and told myself that since this is the last day, i can deal with it.

but, also, it’s friday, which i’ve turned into “sushi friday!” at work. it involves me starting a group order on eat street and everyone joining in that wants some.

for the past few days, i’ve been trying to figure out what to plan on eating in order to wean myself back to the food groups i’ve been avoiding. sushi rice and tofu didn’t seem like such a bad idea, once the tummy grumbled. so, i got to celebrate sushi friday! after all. i stayed away from shellfish (as per the diet) and got eel, tuna, and salmon. the miso soup has tofu and seaweed.

in any event, it was delicious and exactly what i needed after a week of modifications.