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i’ve been trying to use up yarn… i’m not really sure why, since i seem to buy it at a rate that it will be impossible to use up.
so, i have some half-skeins of cascade220 (my second favorite yarn) with which i started the loopy velez cowl from the first stitch n’ bitch book… after three attempts at getting the loop stitch to work, i finally found a video to guide me.
i kinda want to write debbie stoller and tell her to print errata for that pattern because the instructions aren’t well written.
after finally getting 10 or so rwos into the pattern a third time, i noticed that i had dropped some loops, or not secured them correctly… so i said, “eff it. i’m not going to wear this thing anyway.” and i tore it out.
instead, i’m starting these arm warmers that will hopefully get some use.