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Cut off from the world

Well.. still no phone service. It would appear that either the technicians from TDS /and/ Ameritech don’t know what they’re doing, or it’s just the ones from Ameritech. I’m not too sure I enjoy the fact that no one knows why I don’t have phone service. It would seem to me that it’s something isolated (i.e., everyone on the block has phone service but me) and if I had a phone line repair kit, I could probably fix it. Anyhow, if I don’t have it when I get home tonight, three days without phone service will be prorated towards my account. I can’t be paying for something I’m not able to use. Hell, I only have the phone line so I can use DSL. If this can’t be resolved, I’ll get rid of the land line and get a cable modem and stick with using my cell phone. That’s enough out of me for now.