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so sorry! i haven’t had much news to blog about, and we haven’t had much going on since the party… it leaves the blog looking a little sparse, i know. :/
the chickens are all doing great. mrs. howell is the most vocal when it’s tomato treat time. she practically yells at me when mary anne steals the little cherry tomatoes from everyone.
the dogs are both swell… i think they’re looking forward to playing in the snow. they didn’t get to do that very much last winter.
alex t. great is super-needy now that marmar is gone… he comes upstairs about 20 minutes before my alarm goes off and wants to be pet. he didn’t do that all summer (which was kind of nice). i suppose it’s inevitable that we’ll get another kitty at some point. i’m wary of going to the humane society because it’s depressing and i’ll probably walk out with two dogs, a cat, and a snake.
i made some really good soup (with matt as sous chef) this weekend… i need to freeze some of it for the middle of the winter, because it’s going to be extra delicious then.
speaking of, maybe this weekend will be a good one to clean and organize the freezer; it shouldn’t take too long.