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bekee’s birthday in t-18 days. sorry i’ve been so lax in updates and knitting pictures and things in general. the mood during my weekday waking hours leaves a lot to be desired. there’s been a whole rigamarole at work the last couple months, and today is supposed to be the day that “the switch is flipped”. so the boss whom i’ve had for the last 2 years is no longer my boss and i get a brand new one. i’m not sad that i’m losing one or happy that i’m gaining another, i just have to get used to it. old boss’ job is getting switched mostly to catalogue so i’ll still see her, but not all the time. it’s thursday and i haven’t knitted more than a row since sunday. though, the aran pouch would be done in an hour or so if i’d just sit down and do it. my good, old friend jon gave me a cd with mp3s from parties we went to in ’94. i’ve been listening to them constantly; it sure takes me back some. we also had some “let go’s” yesterday at work. though, the article in the wsj doesn’t mention the eight very important people who are not here today. needless to say, my attitude kinda stinks this morning. i seem to write more when i’m unamused.