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this weekend was warm.
we spent 3.5 hours on friday, running around farm n fleet and menards, trying to collect everything we needed for building the coop.
i just want to pause and say that corded power tools are amazing and no one should buy a battery-powered anything ever.
anyway, here’s a pictorial representation of the nine hours spent on saturday, building walls, nesting boxes, and the run:
the lawn was big enough to accommodate our project:
i’m eyeballing the size of a chicken… i hope it’s big enough:
how will i cut a round door?
oh! that was easy!

here’s where the chickens will run around… it’s an 8x8x3 box. it’ll eventually have a hinged lid so we can go in if need be.
inside the chicken hotel: two nesting boxes, baby pig feeder (perfect for chickens!) and a linoleum floor for ease of cleaning.
also, before we started this project, i poured over thousands of coop pictures online that people had posted, lamenting the fact that no one had instructions or measurements or guidance! they just had a really cool coop or tractor that i wanted to replicate but had no idea how. without the help of my sweety and my friend ben, it wouldn’t have happened. we’d been collecting scrap wood for a couple of years, and ben was able to look at the pile and turn it into something tangible.
so that’s why i really can’t offer a plan or measurements to you (if that’s why you ended up here)… we just put to use what we had.