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on my morning commute, i calculated the time and amount i spend driving to and from work every month; it comes down to about $10 a day. that depresses me. i know people spend a lot more than 30 minutes one way in their car or other transportation mode, but geez. that’s 5 hours a week that i am not with my sweets, or my dogs, or knitting. maybe i should use that time to write a book.
also, my muffintop has slowly snuck over the point of acceptability, so i need to do something about that. to start, i’m paring down my daily snacks… it got to a point where my snack bag was too full of unnecessary calories. especially in the form of v8 and string cheese. i get enough vegetables and cheese in my regular meals. so, we’re back to the standard fare. no more snacking between snacks.
however, woodman’s decided to stop carrying my blue bunny yogurt and i have yet to find a replacement that fits these criteria: no high fructose corn syrup, no gelatin, and no fruit on the bottom without being over $1. i found cascade fresh but it’s fruit on the bottom. so i’ll put up with it until i find a replacement.
and! i finally got on the words with friends bandwagon and currently have 5 games going. i also seem to have all of the vowels in the pile.