Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

comment spam

i’ll stop talking about it as soon as i figure out a good way to deal with it. between leaving work at 1 and getting home from errands at 5:30, i got hit with about 10 spams. i’ve tried mt-blacklist, but my server seems to choke on the sheer size of the blacklist file, so i can’t actually delete and rebuild my entries. i’ve also been adding the ip addresses to the banned list in mt, but they’re obviously faked and random, cuz the activity log has never stated that a comment was blocked. so, as i have to go back into every entry that gets spammed, i just close the comments on that particular entry. they seem to target a select group of entries, so i’ll get them all closed eventually. then i’ll go back each week or two and close the ones from previous weeks; no one reads my blog all the way back anyhow. except me. :)