Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


we had intended on getting chickens by now, but some coop plans fell through, and money is being spent in other places… so buying a $1,000 diy kit is a little daunting. we have a friend with some old greenhouse panels that we can use for the roof, so that could keep in some heat in the winter. i drove past an old farm yesterday with a couple chicken barns that were falling apart and wondered how i could approach them and ask to take some of the good wood.
a transient friend was going to see if he could get us a coop for free, but he burned some bridges over the summer and we haven’t seen much of him. so, i keep my eyes out for scrap wood…
this weekend, we have plans for girls’ night out on friday, and a friends’ going away party on saturday night… not sure what we’re doing with the rest of our time, but it will likely be fun.